calling all footie fans - we need your memories

Two weeks ago, my friend approached me with an idea - to compile football memories and create a book about the beautiful game from a more personal standpoint. We’re only two people, so we’re going to need a bit - or a lot - of help. 

We need everyone and everything. The newest generation of fans, their parents, their grandparents, whether you’ve been a fan since the 2010 World Cup, or you can remember the first. International football, professional club football, tiny local semi-pro teams, six year old recreation teams, high school, college, pick-ups in the middle of the street or the nearby park. 

It doesn’t need to be strictly match related. If your greatest memory is of a bus trip to an away match in high school, or how the game completely changed your life, or coaching children, or meeting your idol, send it. We want to read it, and others will too. The point of this book is to show all the facets of football, how it permeates only a few or every aspect of someone’s life, how it’s different for everyone. 

There isn’t a minimum or maximum length for submissions, but please remember this is a compilation; please don’t write a novel. 

Questions and submissions can be sent to:

Please reblog this to pass the word along. 

Thanks for reading this, we hope you contribute! :)

(ps: any proceeds that result from this will go to a football charity yet to be determined -i f you have a favourite or an idea as to which one, let us know)

Marc Crosas and his new shirt from Club Santos Laguna, via his mama’s twitter.